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Be$os Disposable

Be$os is a brand in Mexico started in 2024 producing top quality lab tested disposables. our products are lab tested and we have our main distribution warehouse in LA Besos Disposable are easy-to-use and it is ready to vape straight out of the box. The purest form of cannabis on the planet. Besos Liquid Diamonds are created when live resin is extracted from fresh frozen flower. We liquidated these little crystal gems of terp bathed THC and put them in a pen.

Besos Disposable

Besos Disposable is the Next Gen of vaping in the disposable market. They are a best transitional product when moving from smoking to vaping, anyway, we do advise upgrading to a more sustainable device. Lab Tested, No Metals and Our Besos product are 100% Authentic. It’s all in your head BE$OS DAME UN BE$O

Besos 2G Disposable

Besos 2G Disposable Liquid Diamonds is a beautifully sweet smelling flavors that has paved its way into consumers heart due to its special fruity flavors and potent dominant features of Sativa, Hybrid and Indica Strain, Besos is named due to its tropical aroma, this is one special disposable product you should try today as it is very hard to find on the regular cannabis market or in dispensaries.

Be$os Disposable

Besos Products

Besos 2g Disposable

Besos Liquid Diamonds

Besos Liquid Diamonds high is quick-hitting and delivers a delightful and bright experience. It influences both the body and mind. From the first tokes, users tend to feel euphoria and happiness. Its perfect effect triggers creativity and motivation with making smokers peaceful and putting them into bliss. Besos strains is said to be best for morning and daytime use as helps to begin the day and speed-up thinking and better focus.

Be$os Cart, Besos Vape

Be$os Cart Every puff of the be$os disposable cart is like a little dab of pure THC, Besos are Made with great care in Southern California It is inhale, lightweight activated and pre-filled with terpenes and cannabinoids that can give up to 600 puffs of flavor, without charging or maintenance.